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Our Philosophy

At Hawkins, we develop teams that work well together and deliver results.

We care very much about your financial results. We want you to be successful in every way. We expect quality work and we push a hard schedule. Although our demands are high, we are also reasonable. On a Hawkins project, you will have our support and be given every opportunity to meet the deadlines and goals we set. And you’ll profit more when you finish ahead of time. We take pride in our transparency. There won’t be surprises along the way. You’ll know exactly what is expected of you, and it won’t be anything that we wouldn’t expect from ourselves. 

Most of all, integrity matters. We will never shop your bid.

How to Bid
  1. Confirm you are a Hawkins qualified bidder. (review How to Become a Subcontractor above)
  2. Contact us by phone or email. A contact person and number should be listed with each project advertisement. If no contact is listed, call 402-342-1607, press 0 for the operator, and you will be directed accordingly.
    1. Click here to view active bidding projects
    2. Click here for general inquiries.
  3. Review scopes of work for the project you want to pursue. 
  4. Contact the Hawkins bid team to discuss our preferred bid style, qualifications, and requirements for the specific job.
  5. Submit bid by email or fax (402-342-3221). You will be given direction on who to email based on your scope and who will be bidding the job within Hawkins Construction. 
  6. Post-bid discussions will begin within one week of your final bid status notification.

Over time, our wide range of solutions has allowed us to create valuable relationships with local Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) and Emerging Small Businesses (ESB).

Providing DBE/ESB’s with equal access to project opportunities has broadened our exposure to the diverse subcontracting community. By improving our business, we have also improved the community in which we live. Here’s how we do it:

  • We focus on real opportunities to maximize DBE/ESB participation at the individual project level.  
  • We recognize small businesses with the potential to become registered DBE/ESB’s. We encourage and guide those firms through the paperwork process. 
  • We motivate firms to fulfill the needs of underserved markets. 
  • We train and promote individuals who have the potential to lead businesses in the future. 

The result is a broad community outreach unlike that of any other in the region.  

If you are an aspiring DBE/ESB, please call Tyler Fehringer at 402-231-7804

If you are an existing DBE/ESB in need of guidance, please call Matt Miller (Building Trades) at 402-221-7613 or Chris Hawkins (Civil Trades) at 402-221-7621

If you have exposure to minority-owned or small business contractors and have advertising opportunities, please call TJ McAndrew at 402-221-7626

Safety Expectations

Our expectation is simple: NO ACCIDENTS.

Hawkins Safety Expectations Guide

“I was very pleased with the entire project and would highly recommend Hawkins Construction Company as a company who cares about the end result and achieving the results desired by the owners.”

Jerry Blasig
Vice President of Administration - Bellevue University