The Saddle Creek Retention Treatment Basin is the fifth major project we’ve been awarded as part of the Clean Solutions for Omaha (CSO) program. The purpose of the Retention Treatment Basin (RTB) is to capture combined sewage and store or treat it during wet weather events. After a wet weather event, the RTB will use dewatering pumps to empty the facility and convey the captured combined sewage into the downstream interceptor sewer for treatment at the Papillion Creek Water Resource Recovery Facility. Once completed, the RTB will capture and treat a combined sewage flow rate of up to 160 million gallons per day.

Progress to date:
Since April 2019, 13 miles of driven H-Pile, 20,000 CY of cast-in-place “mass” concrete, and 6 million pounds of reinforcing steel have been placed for the construction of the 3.3 million gallon below-ground basin. With the basin now complete, construction of the cast-in-place concrete walls and structural decks for the basement levels of the Chemical, Operations and Headworks buildings (which sit on top of the basin) is on-going and backfill operations have raised the grade above the top of the basin. Also complete is the construction of the Diversion Chamber and Flow Apron, and installation of dual 108-inch reinforced concrete pipe influent lines that connect the existing CSO 205 outfall to the new retention treatment basin.

Upcoming construction:
The next phase includes the above-ground installation of structural steel and precast concrete for the two-story Chemical, Operations and Headworks buildings. Also, upcoming work in the CSO 205 channel includes the completion of the RTB Outfall, Energy Dissipating Structure, and other channel improvements. Subsequent activities include the installation of the electrical, instrumentation and controls systems, mechanical piping, HVAC, equipment (tanks, pumps, screens, gates, mixers, odor control, etc.) and other interior and exterior finishes.

Project Quantities:
• 13 miles driven H-pile
• 191,000 tons soil have been excavated and removed
• Over 20,000 cu yards formed cast-in-place mass concrete placed
• Over 6,000,000 pounds reinforcing steel installed
• 160,000 sq feet wall forms
• 340 linear feet 108-inch RCP pipe installed
• 421 pieces of precast concrete (upcoming)

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