Nebraska Highway 133

Hawkins Construction is completing a major roadway project for the Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) that will reduce highway congestion and increase traffic safety between Omaha and Blair. This improvement project consists of 900,000 cubic yards of earthwork, 310,000 square yards of pavement, and 15,000 linear feet of culvert and storm sewer. Along with two other improvement contracts completed by Hawkins, this project will complete the new four-lane divided highway between the two cities. Over six miles long, it will be completed in four phases to reduce impacts to local and through traffic.

Project Details

Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR)
Blair, NE
Currently Under Construction
$ 26,400,000

“Hawkins Construction Company has brought ideas to the District for both cost savings as well as scheduling to keep projects both on time and on budget. To help do this they make time early in the project for both collaborative value engineering as well as learning the intricacies of our projects to avoid potential schedule problems. This understanding of the project helps them with the management of subcontractors and makes for a more organized construction process.”

Michael A. Koenig, P.E.
Director – Major Water Plant Projects