Leavenworth Lift Station Replacement Project (Omaha CSO)

The current Leavenworth Lift Station at 1st and Leavenworth Street was constructed in the early 1960s along with the South Interceptor Force Main and other conveyance facilities along the Missouri River. The lift station has an operating capacity of 17 million gallons per day (MGD) and is significantly undersized for the needs of the current population.

In 2012 Hawkins began construction on the new Leavenworth Lift Station, which will replace the current facility. The new lift station is located south of the Union Pacific Railroad Bridge that crosses the Missouri River at 4th Street and Pierce Street. It includes screening and grit removal and has the capacity to pump approximately 7 MGD during dry weather conditions and 45 MGD during wet weather conditions (more than twice the previous capacity). As a part of a much larger sewer system replacement project in Omaha, this new facility was completed well before it needed to go live. It has been tested, maintained, and can be used as a back up for the current system if needed. When the S Interceptor Force Main sewer project is completed in October 2017, the lift station will be tied in and connected all the way to the new Missouri River Waste Water Treatment Plant. The new Leavenworth Lift Station will also handle flows diverted from the Pierce Street and Hickory Street Basins. Both of these older lift stations will be decommissioned after the new facility is functional.

The new lift station was constructed of cast-in-place concrete with a 5-foot thick basemat slab and walls ranging from 1- to 5-feet thick. Above grade, the walls are CMU and precast concrete with Double-Tees for the roof structure. Below grade, Hawkins excavated 30 feet down into bedrock and installed a secant pile wall (socketed into the bedrock) around the perimeter of the facility. Twenty additional feet of bedrock were removed by blasting, resulting in 50 total feet of excavation below grade. Hawkins also installed sections of Force Main and gravity sewers.

Major equipment used on this project included 1 overhead crane, 20 slide gates, 2 bar screens, 4 submersible wet weather pumps, 2 submersible dry weather pumps, and 3 water cannons.

Project Details

City of Omaha
Omaha, NE
$ 28,350,000
Industrial & Water

“Hawkins Construction Company has been the general contractor on a number of airfield paving projects at Eppley Airfield. Hawkins has worked well with our team of engineers, airport staff and the FAA to deliver quality projects in a timely manner within pricing guidelines, and has accommodated all of the processes and procedures necessary when working in the secure area of the airfield. Good quality work, on time, within budget, with safety oriented operations.”

David L. Roth
Deputy Executive Director - Omaha Airport Authority