John Creighton Boulevard/Adams Park CSO

Hawkins completed this project in 2016, solving a decades-long problem faced by Omaha residents. Since the 1960s, Omaha’s newly constructed sewer systems have included separate pipes for wastewater and storm water, and many projects have been initiated to separate parts of the existing combined sewers to prevent backups of sewage into basements. Most of the older combined sewer systems, however, are still in use. The city began separating these sewers under the Clean Solutions for Omaha (CSO!) Program, an unfunded, federal mandate that requires Omaha to meet federal clean water standards by October 2027.

This project took the initial scope of work – separation of the combined sewers – and created a solution to reduce the peak flows by adding a 77-acre detention basin that doubles as a wetlands area in a revitalized community park. This solution reduced the sewer overflow volume, reduced sewer backups, improved the water quality, and provided a beautiful neighborhood amenity with walking trails.

Project Details

City of Omaha
Omaha, NE
$ 18,805,000
Underground & Site

"Hawkins Construction Company has been a vital partner in building some of Nebraska's most iconic transportation projects — like the West Dodge elevated expressway and the Interstate 80 six-lane between Omaha and Lincoln. Hawkins’ teams consistently help solve problems on-site, create accurate documents, and minimize unnecessary changes — all at extremely competitive prices.”

Randall D. Peters, P.E.
NDOR Director - State Engineer, 2012 -2015
Associate Professor of Practice - UNL Department of Civil Engineering