Hyatt Place Hotel

Building a 10-story, 159-room, hotel in the Old Market area of Omaha is a challenge at any time because of tight construction area, busy city streets, and potential impact on residents and business owners alike. When Hawkins won the contract to build the Hyatt Place Hotel in 2012, they worked closely with community members and civil leaders to minimize disruption as much as possible. This 175,000-square-foot hotel has four levels of parking ramp and five levels of hotel rooms, along with a front desk, pool, kitchen area, fitness room and in-house facilities on the ground level. In addition to the building itself, Hawkins also moved an alley to the north of the site, and constructed new parking around all sides of the hotel.


To undertake this major project, Hawkins brought in a tower crane, which was delivered to the site on 11 semi-truckloads. Before closing the street to erect the crane, Hawkins project managers met with the local business owners to advise them of the upcoming work. Regular meetings were held with city officials so the community could be aware of potential impacts; for instance, when extreme heat required an earlier start to the day’s construction schedule to protect worker safety, or when street closures were necessary to deliver materials. Due to the tight footprint of the site, all materials had to be craned up into the building so flaggers managed local traffic each day to accommodate these lifts as well as to coordinate material deliveries and concrete pours.


Hawkins project team overcome the challenges of this project with creative thinking and proactive scheduling. The project included more than 92,000 square feet of raised shoring, which was sequenced along with the formed shoring system. When an issue developed with the shoring that could have caused delays of several weeks, Hawkins ordered additional shoring material rather than wait for the issue to be resolved. This critical thinking allowed the project schedule to remain on track, and it was even completed two days early.

Project Details

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Omaha, NE
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“Hawkins Construction Company has been the general contractor on a number of airfield paving projects at Eppley Airfield. Hawkins has worked well with our team of engineers, airport staff and the FAA to deliver quality projects in a timely manner within pricing guidelines, and has accommodated all of the processes and procedures necessary when working in the secure area of the airfield. Good quality work, on time, within budget, with safety oriented operations.”

David L. Roth
Deputy Executive Director - Omaha Airport Authority