Highway 75 Bellevue to Plattsmouth – Platte River and South

To accommodate the growing amount of traffic between Plattsmouth and Bellevue, Hawkins Construction performed a $60 Million enhancement project to a 3.8 mile stretch of Highway 75. This four-phase project is one of the largest highway projects in Nebraska’s history, and was completed a over a year ahead of schedule.

The scope of work included widening the entire stretch of highway to four lanes, construction of new intersections and realignment of connecting roads, reconstruction and widening of the northbound Platte River Bridge, deck repair and overlay of the southbound Platte River Bridge, constructing or rehabilitating eight additional bridges, relocating utilities, and paving.

The bridge construction met stringent federal requirements to ensure that all construction activities do not disturb the surrounding environment including wildlife habitats and waterways. This project took place in a location where the US Fish and Wildlife Service and Hawkins Construction were monitoring several endangered species at the project site, including Pallid Sturgeon, Lake Sturgeon, Interior Least Tern, and River Otter – and halting work if necessary to protect the wildlife.

Additional environmental protections included the construction of a gutter system on the sides of the bridge. To prevent pollution build-up from vehicles could potentially wash into the river below, the gutter systems divert water to the sides of the bridge where the water run-off can then be diverted to the ground.

Hawkins performed 166,000 hours of work on the project with zero personal injuries, a testament to our culture of safety. In addition, this project was awarded the NCPA 2014 Interstate, Highways & Expressways Award of Merit.

Project Quantities:

Excavation                                                                362,266 CY
Borrow Excavation                                               1,786,111 CY
Culvert/Storm Sewer Pipe                                       13,762 LF
HP 12x53 Piling                                                         91,700 LF
Fly Ash Stabilized Subgrade                                 155, 082 SY
4” Foundation Course                                             206,487 SY
Concrete Pavement                                                192,006 SY
Excavation for Box Culverts                                    13,241 CY
Reinforcing Steel for Box Culverts                       406,671 LB
Concrete for Box Culverts                                         4,577 CY
Concrete Pavement for Bridge Deck                       8,995 CY
Sheet Piling                                                                12,359 LF

Project Details

Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR)
Plattsmouth, NE
$ 60,468,500
Bridges Roads

“Hawkins Construction Company has always performed as the Construction Manager at Risk (CM) on all of our projects, overseeing budget, cost savings by self-performing, safety programs, timelines, etc. Every project we have been involved with has come in on time, on or under budget, with professionalism.”

Roger Ernst
Associate Administrator of Facility Operations - Boys Town National Research Hospital