Hickman Viaduct

The Hickman Viaduct that Hawkins built in Lancaster County replaced the extremely dangerous 68th Street at-grade railroad crossing. The new 800-foot long viaduct over the BNSF Railroad and nearby Salt Creek completely eliminates the danger of vehicles or pedestrians being hit by a train traveling on this section of track. Since 68th Street serves as the main artery for local travel in the area, more than 5,000 vehicles that use the viaduct daily will directly benefit from the faster and safer flow of traffic. Hawkins hit the job hard and completed the project nearly two months ahead of schedule, greatly reducing the impact of detours for local high schools and the City of Hickman as a whole.

Project Details

Lancaster County
Hickman, NE
$ 4,860,000

“Hawkins Construction is a pleasure to do business with- from initial concept, to design and estimating, to quality construction, to final documentation- Hawkins delivers quality projects with a safety emphasis. We have relied on Hawkins for our critical construction projects and they have consistently exceeded our expectations.”

Rob Everist
President - L.G. Everist, Inc.