Fontenelle Park Lagoon Improvements

The Fontenelle Park CSO Project is one of a series of projects in the Minne Lusa Basin intended to remove and/or control flows in the Combined Sewer System (CSS) and reduce the frequency, magnitude and duration of Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs).  The improvements to the lagoon at Fontenelle Park expanded the size and stormwater storage capacity of the existing lagoon and separated portions of the upstream drainage basins to direct additional stormwater for detention in the lagoon.  With nearly triple the storage capacity, the lagoon reduces stormwater flow rates and volumes in the downstream combined sewer system, reducing overflows to the Missouri River.  To keep the lagoon clean, debris and sediment is filtered from the stormwater as it enters the lagoon through three screening structures.

Fontenelle Park has been transformed into a lush community amenity, with trails and picnic tables in addition to the expanded lagoon with habitat that can sustain fish and other aquatic life.  What once was a public golf course is now a beautiful, expansive park designed for families and fishing enthusiasts from all around the city.

Project quantities:
- 198,600 CY of excavation    
- 2,840 SY of 7”-9” PCC pavement
- 30,510 SF of 6”-7” PCC sidewalk/trail
- 3,006 LF of 18”-60” pipe
- 75 LF of 10’x4’ RCB
- 7 LF of 5’x5’ RCB
- 365 VF of 54”-120” manholes
 3 screening structures
- 2 junction box structures
- 1 lagoon outlet structure

Project Details

City of Omaha
Omaha, NE
$ 7,600,000
Underground & Site

“I was very pleased with the entire project and would highly recommend Hawkins Construction Company as a company who cares about the end result and achieving the results desired by the owners.”

Jerry Blasig
Vice President of Administration - Bellevue University