Crete Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Hawkins constructed the new Crete Wastewater Treatment Plant as a complete replacement for the city’s existing plant one mile away. Designed to be significantly more efficient, the new plant supported 5,000 people at completion, with the capability to facilitate growth up to 12,000. Construction included seven new primary structures:  an administration building, electrical blower building, grit removal structure, ultraviolet structure, aeration basins, dewatering structure, and biosolids drying beds. This project also included the remodel of an existing lift station (while in continuous operation) and installation of roughly 12,000 linear feet of piping of varying sizes.

Project Details

City of Crete
Crete, NE
$ 11,600,000
Industrial & Water

“I was very pleased with the entire project and would highly recommend Hawkins Construction Company as a company who cares about the end result and achieving the results desired by the owners.”

Jerry Blasig
Vice President of Administration-Bellevue University