American Concrete Wet Cast Facility

American Concrete required the construction of a new 26,000 SF Wet Cast Concrete Production facility, where large pieces of pre-cast concrete are formed for various construction projects. Space was required for three crane ways operating 15- and 5-ton bridge cranes, moving trucks, concrete buckets, rebar, and transporting the finished pieces – some of which weigh up to 25,000 lbs.

The design utilized “wet floodproofing” methods to allow an enclosed area below the base flood elevation (BFE) to flood through if subjected to flood forces. These methods were employed due to the requirement to maintain grades similar to the existing buildings while still meeting current FEMA requirements. Other requirements included setting the concrete foundation walls 3 feet above the finished floor and setting the elevated electrical panels/equipment on steel platforms for proper code-required access.

Hawkins accommodated the project owner’s request to change the location of the bridge cranes after the pre-engineered building had been designed and approved.

This project serves as a good example of Hawkins’ ability to progress through wet weather for footing construction. Wind was a major factor during steel erection and siding/roofing/insulation operations. The pre-engineered building components are much lighter than traditional steel requiring much more bracing than conventional steel structures.

Project Details

American Concrete
Valley, NE
Industrial & Water

“Hawkins Construction Company has brought ideas to the District for both cost savings as well as scheduling to keep projects both on time and on budget. To help do this they make time early in the project for both collaborative value engineering as well as learning the intricacies of our projects to avoid potential schedule problems. This understanding of the project helps them with the management of subcontractors and makes for a more organized construction process.”

Michael A. Koenig, P.E.
Director, Major Water Plant Projects - Metropolitan Utilities District