Our story began in 1922 when brothers Kenneth and Earl Hawkins were granted the construction contract for Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska.  The Hawkins family hasn’t looked back since.


Kenneth’s son Fred joined the family business, which was incorporated as Hawkins Construction Company in 1960.  By the turn of the decade, Hawkins had grossed over $20 million in revenue.  Our substantial growth continued throughout the 1970’s as we developed well-known public and privately owned buildings in the heart of Omaha.


Through the 1980’s and 1990’s, Hawkins ascended as one of the Midwest’s largest and most successful highway and bridge contractors after completing high-profile civil projects across the region.  Construction of wastewater and water treatment plants further solidified Hawkins’s reputation as a versatile contractor with endless capabilities.


At the turn of the century, Hawkins was awarded the most prominent and critical Nebraska State projects.  Notable builds included the Nebraska State Correctional Facility in Tecumseh, Nebraska; the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Durham Research Center; the widening of I-80 to six lanes from Omaha to the Platte River; and Omaha’s elevated West Dodge Expressway.


In 2016, Kim and Fred Jr. followed in their father’s footsteps as they were inducted into the Omaha Business Hall of Fame in honor of the company’s longstanding reputation.  Today, Hawkins continues to build upon our legacy by staying true to our founding values while innovating for tomorrow.  Hawkins remains a family company, owned-and-operated by Fred, Kim, and Chris Hawkins.  We proudly hold the vanguard in some of the area’s largest construction programs, including Omaha’s combined sewage control plan; the Council Bluffs Interstate System; the Nebraska expressway system; Boys Town’s research campus; the Florence water treatment plants; and ongoing improvements at Eppley Airfield.  The result: over $200 million in annual gross revenue and a company built to last.

Kenneth Hawkins

Fred Hawkins, Sr.

Fred Hawkins, Jr.

Kim Hawkins

Chris Hawkins


We approach each project with a unique plan driven by creative solutions.  But our mission never changes: to be the industry-leading provider in value-added construction services, delivered with integrity.  We uphold our status as a preferred supplier of construction services by staying true to our core principles of operation.

People come first

Hawkins employees, subcontractors and clients receive our undivided time, attention and support.

Solutions speak for themselves

We are builders.  Our wide range of capabilities and deep industry knowledge helps us capitalize on opportunities for innovation and execute solutions.

Commitment to excellence is mandatory

We operate with a high sense of urgency, without compromising quality.  With Hawkins, you get the very best, on time and on budget.

Culture defines us

We live our values.  Hawkins employees are held accountable for results, as well as their team’s performance along the way – from safety and speed to quality and cost-effectiveness.

Transparency is key to communication

There are no surprises when working with Hawkins.  We identify problems up front, which helps us plan for a smooth workflow on each and every job.

Partnerships built to last

We forge long-term relationships with honesty and integrity.  We step up when times get tough.  Most importantly, we create value – the true test of a meaningful partner.


We take great pride in our proprietary Safe Production Program because the well-being of our employees, subcontractors and clients is our top priority.  Our sites are clean, organized and overseen by experienced safety managers and risk assessors.  We conduct weekly field safety training, regular topic-specific field “huddles”, and quarterly management safety meetings in addition to continuous training for all management personnel.



Our average EMR over the last three years is 0.63.  Not only does our impressive EMR enable lower insurance costs with our savings passed on to clients, but it also demonstrates our commitment to the safety of anyone and everyone who steps onsite with us.

Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is the construction industry’s standard for measuring a company’s safety performance track record.  EMR evaluates payroll data and Workers’ Compensation claims to provide a representation of construction safety records.  Simply put, 1.0 is the industry average; anything lower is above average and anything higher is below average.


As a 4th generation family owned and operated firm, community involvement ranks among our highest ideals.  We stand rooted in our belief that the importance of what we build expands far beyond our project portfolio.  That’s because at Hawkins Construction we strive to build a better world, each and every day.  Our primary charitable focuses include educational development, environmental conservation, and poverty reduction.  These values have led us to work closely with the following nonprofit organizations and academic institutions.

Industry Organizations


“I was very pleased with the entire project and would highly recommend Hawkins Construction Company as a company who cares about the end result and achieving the results desired by the owners.”

Jerry Blasig
Vice President of Administration - Bellevue University