West Dodge Expressway

Vehicles traveling along the Dodge roadway in Omaha, Nebraska – a four-lane route through a highly commercial area – routinely faced significant delays due to heavy traffic. Hawkins was hired by the Nebraska Department of Roads to construct two mile-long urban viaducts carrying six lanes of traffic 45 feet above “lower” West Dodge Road between 124th Street and the Interstate 680 interchange. The project included frontage roads that improved traffic flow and spurred commercial growth along the entire West Dodge corridor all the way out to Elkhorn, NE.

This project included 88 ornamental piers, 51,500 cubic yards of bridge substructure and superstructure concrete, 26 miles of piling, and 108,000 square yards of urban paving. With an aggressive schedule, the project was completed more than one year ahead of schedule.

Project Details

Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR)
Omaha, NE
$ 53,625,000

“Can't thank the Hawkins' team enough—quality work, great to work with and outstanding effort. Congratulations and well done!!!”

Mike Frey
V.P. Select Construction-Hyatt