University of Nebraska Medical Center – Durham Research Center II

Hawkins constructed the Durham Research Center I project in 2004, and was hired in 2006 to construct a second UNMC research facility directly adjacent to it. The appearance of the two facilities is nearly identical, and they are connected with a covered passageway and interaction space.  The new 10-level, 252,179 square-foot research tower contains many of the same features as the first Durham Research Tower, including 98 state-of-the art research laboratories, office space for investigators, and laboratory support space. In addition to the medical research performed in the facility, the building also includes state-funded bioterrorism preparedness labs.

Hawkins Construction not only managed the project, but also self-performed many of the construction activities on site.

Due to the nature of the experiments conducted within the building, it is critical that vibrations be kept to an absolute minimum. For this reason, the facility was constructed of cast-in-place concrete rather than structural steel. Hawkins mitigated vibrations in several ways, including the construction of a reinforced concrete wide-module joist framing system, and installing custom-designed air handling ductwork in mechanical rooms built with protective walls and floors. The structure is all cast-in-place concrete with brick, aluminum curtain wall, and precast concrete on the exterior.

Project Details

University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC)
Omaha, NE
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“Hawkins Construction Company has brought ideas to the District for both cost savings as well as scheduling to keep projects both on time and on budget. To help do this they make time early in the project for both collaborative value engineering as well as learning the intricacies of our projects to avoid potential schedule problems. This understanding of the project helps them with the management of subcontractors and makes for a more organized construction process.”

Michael A. Koenig, P.E.
Director – Major Water Plant Projects