14th and Superior Street Roundabout

In 2011, the City of Lincoln hired Hawkins Construction to solve a serious safety and traffic problem at the intersection of 14th and Superior. This busy intersection – controlled by a traffic signal – faced major back-ups, especially during rush hour. Children crossing the street to school each day added to the safety concerns.

To accomplish this project, Hawkins widened the two-lane street to four lanes and constructed a three-lane roundabout intersection. 8.5' x 14.5' box culverts were also constructed under the roadway as a walking path for pedestrians and children, so they could safely cross under the road rather than through the traffic. Hawkins also constructed a bike path and several driveways. Traffic now moves smoothly via the newly constructed roundabout.

Along with careful planning and communications with the businesses and residents in the area, Hawkins also reduced the impact of construction by providing detours and alternate routes. In all, the project included 68,000 square-yards of paving for the roadway, driveways, and bike path. 

Project Details

City of Lincoln
Lincoln, NE
$ 7,400,000

“Hawkins Construction Company has brought ideas to the District for both cost savings as well as scheduling to keep projects both on time and on budget. To help do this they make time early in the project for both collaborative value engineering as well as learning the intricacies of our projects to avoid potential schedule problems. This understanding of the project helps them with the management of subcontractors and makes for a more organized construction process.”

Michael A. Koenig, P.E.
Director – Major Water Plant Projects